Instant Hedges

Mature instant hedges or Nature’s Highways

Here at Hampshire Hedges we grow over 3000 metres of premium quality hedging. These pre-grown hedges provide soft screening and privacy with the added bonus of wind and sound reduction. A dense barrier giving character and warmth to your plot of land.

The three hedge species we specialise in are Beech, Hornbeam and Privet. Both beech and hornbeam are deciduous but have the tendency to hold onto their leaves in winter until the new growth in spring pushes them off. Privet is our evergreen variety.

All our hedges are grown in air-pots and can be planted at any time of the year. They are sold in one metre long units and each unit has 6 plants, which are planted and established in two rows of three to provide a robust hedge instantly.

Installation of our mature instant hedges is easily achieved by two people or your local landscape contractor into a pre-prepared trench, backfilled and well-watered. Planting details are available on request, just ask and a maintenance/establishment manual can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

These easily installed mature instant hedges are preferred by many leading landscape architects, designers and keen gardeners as they outperform timber fences and provide a natural corridor for small mammals and nesting opportunities for many of our small birds. They create maximum impact but only you will know they have just been planted.

Should you wish to discuss your options with our experienced staff or wish to visit the nursery please contact by email on or call us on 07860 560868.



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